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Mental Health Recovery for Trauma and Neurodiversity

I’m Helen, a specialist mental health Occupational Therapist with over twenty-five years’ experience. I offer a professional, personalised, and practical approach to supporting mental health recovery and wellbeing, helping you to live life the best way you can.

Living with the effects of traumatic experiences or neurodiversity can impact your quality of life and ability to carry out the activities that you want or need to do.

I offer assessment and intervention online to adults and young people from fourteen years of age. I’m also a Mindfulness teacher and offer Mindfulness courses for carers.

“Thank you so much Helen for your excellent guidance and dedicated care throughout each session. Prior to starting mindfulness with you, I had a challenging time reliably connecting with rest and relaxation of mind and body. Through your patient and very receptive teaching of practical tools, you helped me to customise a practice that really works for me and brought real progress, ease, and spaciousness in everyday life. I am much more comfortable now meeting myself within the discomfort of chronic illness and the residual effects of long-term trauma. This improved capacity to meet myself where I’m at makes an invaluable difference in my quality of life and in my availability to others, and I am so grateful for your beautiful patience and skill”.

—(GC, 2022)

Examples of areas I can help with

  • looking after your basic needs and managing everyday activities (meals, showering, household tasks, sleep)
  • managing your emotions and keeping safe
  • processing sensory information within the environment (sights, sounds, smell, taste, touch, body awareness)
  • coping with dissociation, flashbacks, memories, intrusive thoughts, or images
  • living with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome
  • planning and organising your day
  • functioning in the workplace, classroom, or other social environments
  • understanding and managing relationships
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