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Initial Consultation

A thirty-minute free consultation by phone or video. This gives us an opportunity to meet and discuss more about the service you are looking for to see if I can help.

Assessment & Initial Report

Basic assessment usually takes place over two sessions along with some other information gathering/questionnaires for you to fill in. The cost for this is £150.00.

Further specialist assessments may be suggested and costs for these will be given in advance. For example – sensory assessment, worker role assessment (to explore difficulties related to employment).

A summary report can be produced giving recommendations to address your identified needs. The cost of this is usually between £150.00 – £225.00 depending on the level of detail and complexity of assessments carried out.


Following assessment, intervention is usually offered in blocks of eight sessions and a review of your goals is undertaken at the end of each block. The cost is £75.00 hour.

Letters, Reports & Phone Calls

The cost is £75.00 hour, charged to the nearest 15 minutes.

“Occupational Therapy is where science, creativity and compassion collide” –Jessica Kensky, Keynote Speech, AOTA 2016