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This is the starting point and provides chance to get an overview of your life circumstances – what your strengths are, what’s going well, where the difficulties and barriers are, what is most important to you, what you would like to be different in the future. This usually takes a couple of sessions, and you are welcome to involve any other people who know you well in this process too (e.g. a family member or close friend).

More specialist assessments are also available – for example a standardised sensory assessment or employment related assessment.

Goal Setting

Once you’ve got a clear picture of where you are now, we can start to think about your goals and priorities – the changes you would like to make or the areas you would like to focus on. These might be things like:

Setting goals gives a focus to the therapy. It also means we have a clear way of reviewing progress during, and at the end of, intervention.


This is where we work together towards your goals. I work in a collaborative way, helping you to access and develop your own skills and wisdom. You are the expert on you, and I will bring my knowledge, skills, and resources to help you to move forwards and make positive changes. Intervention is based on a knowledge of how trauma and neurodiversity affect the way the brain works and the impact this has on daily life – your thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and participation in daily activities.

Examples of Intervention

  • Sensory and mindfulness based approaches to managing self-regulation, daily activities, emotion regulation and grounding skills
  • Skills for managing symptoms such as anxiety, dissociation, anger, low mood, self-harm, fatigue, chronic pain
  • Adapting activities to make them more manageable
  • Introducing structure, strategies, or support with organisational skills
  • Modifying your environment to address sensory processing differences (home, education or work)
  • Supported self-management programmes for energy / emotion regulation and safety and stabilisation